How to survive homeschooling? PART 4


While preparing tasks and lessons think how you can create some balance so you can spend some time teaching your child and explaining things to them, or checking their work and giving them feedback. However, it is also a good idea to ensure that your child can learn to some extent on their own – by reading, doing exercises, watching documentaries, creating projects or researching. They learn how to become more independent and you can have some time for your work, chores or for quiet ‘me time’. 

I think a more relaxed and flexible approach is working best for my family as long as we try to show our children that learning can be something that can be enjoyed, something that gives us satisfaction when we see our progress. That’s what personal development is about, isn’t it? It would be great to use a bit of this homeschool time to make your child enthusiastic about personal growth.

I did quite a bit of research about homeschooled children and… What surprised me a lot is that according to many different research studies, homeschooled children are doing better at tests such as GCSEs or A levels. They also seem to be more mature, think more independently, cause less trouble and have more knowledge than their colleagues who attended school. What’s more, homeschooled children tend to watch a lot less TV than children who go to school. 

Unfortunately, homeschooling parents tend to face a lot of criticism as the phenomenon is not very well understood yet. There are a few thousands families homeschooling in the UK (*and over 2 million in the USA) at the moment but many parents say there is little support from outside. One of the main criticisms is about socialising. However, studies show that many homeschooled children go to universities and do not have trouble socialising with others. Actually, they are more likely to vote, volunteer and do different projects for various organisations! The most important thing to remember is that homeschooling doesn’t mean sitting within four walls and getting weird.

There are many styles of homeschooling such as worldschooling, roadschooling, wildschooling, and the classical, eclectic or Montessori approach. I think if this is completely new to you, it is definitely worth doing a bit of research and reading more about it in depth. Some ideas are brilliant and can contribute a lot to your child’s well-being and help them to achieve their potentials. Homeschooled children actually learn a lot of practical things. They also have more time to go out on trips, and to do different classes such as dancing or martial arts where they meet lots of people and make friends.

One recent survey showed that 23% of British parents have noticed the benefits of homeschooling, which include being in control of what the child is learning and creating better family bonds, and consequentially they are considering homeschooling after the lockdown has finished.

Homeschooling can be challenging sometimes but it can also be turned into a great journey when you spend some really good quality time with your child learning things from each other. Children can also teach us a lot – 

– to care more

– to be more spontaneous,

– to be more passionate

– to worry less

– to forget about the phone, work and laptop sometimes and enjoy life more

– to laugh and smile more often

– to be kind

– to not be scared to ask questions and keep being curious about life!

And what’s also a great benefit of homeschooling is that we as parents tend to research different topics for our children and learn things with them.

I hope I persuaded you that homeschooling can be valuable and fun. Remember, you and your child are not at school so you can apply your own rules and schedules, and it is all up to you. You can control it and change things as you like. If you think it’s difficult and boring then it will be this way. If you believe it can be a fantastic opportunity and experience – then this is how it’s going to be!

Would you recommend any resources that have been helping you with homeschooling?

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