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Full of new ideas and inspiration!

It must be tough for many of you trying to function normally when most countries are under strict lockdown due to Covid-19. It must be extra hard for vulnerable people such as the elderly, especially if they live on their own; or families with small children, particularly those without gardens. It’s really weird and also sad that we cannot go out to meet friends or other family members, or go for a trip, or even go out to buy craft materials, books or clothes and so on. I know we have Amazon and eBay but it’s a different experience and I like to see my books or clothes before I buy them.

I still follow the news but not so much as in the first weeks of the pandemic. And I feel so much better. I’ve decided to focus on family life, hobbies and health instead. One of the things that helps me feel really good is exercise. Finding the motivation to do it was hard at first, but I decided it must be done in the morning as early as possible (Although experience has taught me I have to have a light breakfast first! Once I fainted at the gym because my sugar level was too low and paramedics had to be called!). So, yes, early morning exercises or I probably won’t manage to do them. I don’t really enjoy these workouts but to motivate myself I think about the feeling and energy boost I will have during the day because of them! And it’s been working well!

I’m pretty busy with two small children and a part-time admin job that I do from home. I’ve had to put my photography business on hold for now but there is always something to do in the house. And if you know me in person you know that I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t use this time to do something creative.

This is how Papers or scissors has been created. It is not something entirely new. I actually had a page on Instagram with children’s activities some time ago but then I guess the demands of life intervened. I abandoned my projects for some time. The lockdown has become a way for many people to start or return to creative activities. And that’s what it means for me as well. Partly not to get crazy I guess, and partly because I need to entertain my children more than before, we started a Facebook Page, and modified a few bits on the Instagram Page. What do we do? Simple delicious recipes, experiments, short Polish and Portuguese lessons, fun stuff, crafts – all this you can find on Paper or scissors on Facebook and Instagram now.

I have a sentimental attachment to this blog and I recently re-opened it, while I was looking for a new name for my children’s activities page… I read some old blog posts and regretted that I didn’t carry this on… Happiness, science, new releases in the field of self-growth, and other topics that are so interesting! I always tried to include as many reliable and accurate scientific findings as I could, not just giving obvious advice such as “get motivated!” and “try not to check your phone so often” but something extra, with statistics, facts, and more in-depth details rather than general well-known facts. I may not be here as often as I used to be but, hopefully, when I am, you will find some valuable and interesting stuff on the blog! I have lots of new ideas for inspiring posts!

Watch this space. More coming soon! 😉

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