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Productive Mondays! Are you a night owl or a morning bird?


To tell the truth I’ve always struggled to define myself as either a night owl or a morning bird. Which one are you?

…On a daily basis fully 85% of the people follow an early bird schedule in the morning, but given any choice in the matter, only 22% would continue to do so.” (read more about it here )

Some periods in my life I could say that definitely working and/or studying late evenings or even at night felt most productive to me, and yet on different occasions (depending on my circumstances such as having vs not having children, work shifts etc.) I felt that I kept falling asleep around 9pm-ish but felt so much better in the mornings! Why is that, then? I was curious as to how to find out how my natural biological clock works and if this is even still possible in a world as artificial as the one we have created: we have light at night and technological devices that distract us all the time.

Thomas Edison apparently used to promote his idea of the light bulb a lot by emphasising that future generations won’t sleep much and they will be able to have longer days due to the breakthrough of electric light, and because of this they will be able to achieve more! He wasn’t entirely mistaken BUT… sleeping less than 7-8 hours isn’t part of our human nature and leads to many negative consequences, like bad mood, stress and even to some health conditions… We can control light but it doesn’t do us much good, does it?

On the other hand, when we count how much time we sleep in our BUSY, PRODUCTIVITY-BASED & ACTIVE lifestyles it seems like a huge waste of time and we feel that if we could sleep “just a little bit less” we could accomplish SO MUCH MORE!

I’ve read the book The Power of When (available HERE ) and it got me thinking… The author suggests that each of us can be one of four (rather than just two) types of people or actually… as he prefers to call it – type of an animal. It was great to find this book because it sounds so unfair to categorise ALL PEOPLE simply in one out of two categories: early riser or night owl.

It looks like I’m a bear type and I feel most energetic if I can get up when the sun is rising and go to sleep when it’s getting dark outside. It is a bit problematic where I live, in England, because during most of the cold months days are really short and I can’t do everything just within 6-7 hours a day because that’s the only time we get light! So although I may be a bear, I still need to make a choice and decide whether I can feel better and accomplish more when going to bed very late or by getting up very early. I tried both.

According to studies, night owls can often be associated with intelligence and creativity but there are so many more different benefits that you get when you get up in the morning (read more here).

I think the real breakthrough in my thinking about it was a book which I didn’t want to buy because I felt that the title was somewhat silly… What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast: How to Achieve More at Work and at Home by Laura Vanderkam. It turned out to be a fantastic and useful book (available HERE ).


The author convinced me that getting up earlier and not spending my time on ANYTHING I have to do – such as cleaning, working, cooking, etc. – but on the most meaningful tasks and activities which make me happy, are connected to my passions and are important to me, can be a great way of improving my work-life balance and life satisfaction! Lack of tiredness and little or no distractions help me to achieve a lot more in the mornings in terms of completing different tasks related to writing, for example. Yes, that’s true, it is difficult to get up early… but once you start to do it you just need to stick to the routine even at weekends/ your days off and then it becomes so much easier.

7 thoughts on “Productive Mondays! Are you a night owl or a morning bird?”

    1. I know exactly what you mean. When I’m pregnant and have to look after a small child, some days my most productive time is… whenever I have any time and when I manage to fight fatigue 😉😆 thank u for stopping by:)


  1. Great Post Aggie. I’ve always been an early bird myself. That’s until I recently did a four week cleanse through January where I pulled caffeine, booze, meat, dairy and gluten from my diet. The diet sucked and I couldn’t be happier that it’s over but one of the craziest side effects was that it switched up some of my early bird tendencies and gave me a ton of energy at night. Still not struggling to get up in the morning but really enjoying that late night energy. Mindset and discipline is important but I think there’s something to be said about what you put in your body too.

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    1. Thats very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Why did you decide to do this diet? Yes, what we eat etc. makes such a huge impact on our bodies and how we feel and yet we easily forget about this important factor. Also, artificial light and exercises- so many things affects how we feel in the mornings and evenings, that’s way I struggled to recognise what’s my natural rhythm really is. I still think that it may be impossible to find out.. It depends a lot on a type of work/shifts that I have in a particular moment of my life but also on family commitments (eg pregnancy or having a small child). Its fascinating topic. I think I cld cut caffeine and meat. I dont drink alcohol but…how to cut diary? 😂 I’m impressed with your self-discipline. I’m wondering lack of what type of food particularly that you’ve listed gave you such a boost of energy at nightime. It could be a combination of all of these but maybe there is one specific type of food/drink..


      1. The choice was more about trying something healthy and new and seeing how it affected me. I think you’re right though in that there are so many variables involved that it is damn near impossible to isolate any single one of them to see how it might impact something like sleeping habits. All we can really do is keep tinkering right?

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      2. Yes, I agree. If we find anything that can help with sleep and feeling more energetic, better work-life balance – that’s already fantastic! 🙂


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