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Welcome to the Productive Mondays cycle!


I’ve mentioned in one or two of my previous posts that 92% of people don’t achieve their personal goals. What about their New Year’s Resolutions? So actually these 92% of us fail by exactly… 15th January (today’s date!)! Although the chances are that small, I really hope that you are doing well with your goals.  Even if you haven’t been perfectly on track you can sit back, reflect on the bigger picture and spend a bit more time on planning. Perhaps you tried some techniques and methods which did not work well. What can be done to improve this, then? Be flexible, open and kind to yourself! You can do anything you want to with THE RIGHT MINDSET!

Psychologist Dr Gail Matthews found that we are 42% more likely to achieve goals simply by writing them down! (more about it here)

And how many people actually write their goals down?……3%!!!!!!!!!!!

There is one additional rule here: write about your aims on a REGULAR BASISreview them, update them, consider different solutions and methods!

This likelihood increases even more if you talk about your goal to a supportive friend who believes that you can achieve this.

Why is this all so important?

  • When you write things down and share them with a friend you need to concentrate a bit more to word your aims clearly and be specific, and this can make your plans more organised and structured
  • so this is like a first step which makes something invisible into visible & tangible
  • when you write about what’s important to you, then you’ll probably think more about it during the day too, and you will pay more attention to opportunities that you may encounter during your day
  • the more specific your goals are in terms of measuring them and with regard to time–the more achievable they will be

What do you have if you don’t write your goals down? Your dreams plus… an additional 2,500-3,300 other thoughts (per hour!) mixed up in your head… and this makes your passions and aims less significant than you’d like them to be.


Apparently, sharing updates with regards to your progress is another big important step if you’d like to ensure that you increase the likelihood of achieving your goals even more. Again – sharing them only with a friend is perfectly fine

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Productive Mondays cycle!”

    1. Hi Theo, thank you for the comment. I’ve realised the power of writing goals, and maybe even more importantly – reviewing them, some time ago. I didnt feel that it’s so necessary before but actually that’s what make us grow – considering mistakes, planning, analysing how we can improve different aspects, learning from our experience..
      I tried writing affirmations (also put some on mirror/wardrobe etc) but it didnt really work for me that well. Also visual boards – I can’t persuade myself that this is something what could motivate me haha 😉 Have a good day and thank you for stopping by 🙂

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    1. I used to fail some of my personal goals before very quickly too. Now if I feel I may not be able to succeed or is difficult to measure whether I’m reaching my goal – whether I can do anything to be more specific, or is it a goal at all? E.g. spending more time with my family/outings with my daughter – I put it on my list of goals in December and then thought – actually that’s part of my life, not a goal that I reach, tick tasks etc. Family is priority for me and I shouldnt need reminders that some things should be done, taken care of. I can try to be better in this area of life but I dont treat as a goal anymore.


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